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Americans Believe Nicotine Causes Cancer but It Doesn’t Actually

Americans Believe Nicotine Causes Cancer but It Doesn’t Actually

Majority Americans believe that nicotine causes cancer but in real life, it doesn’t. This information was mistakenly believed by the Americans society. It led society into fears and causes them to lower their risk on the production of nicotine products.

Therefore, the study shows that most Americans misunderstand the safety of nicotine. Majority of the adult (53.0 percent) think that nicotine causes cancer resulting from smoking and other (21.3 percent) wasn’t sure about it.

Most of the cigarette smokers (53.0 percent) think that nicotine is a carcinogen and causes addiction. Most of the smokers don’t like vaping even though the nicotine was replaced with patches and gum. This is because smokers think that vaping was more harmful than smoking.

The study proved that only 32.0 percent smokers agree that vaping is less dangerous than smoking from the survey. Meanwhile, the study shows that there still also has a vaper was misunderstood and believe that nicotine causes cancer even it is less dangerous than smoking.

From the finding, most of the adults mistaken that nicotine causes cancer and believe it causes a serious health problem in the long term. FDA actually approve that nicotine replacement is quite troublesome and need a clear statement that nicotine was not caused disease related to smoking. The statement derived to the smokers but actually, the smokers were misunderstood about it. Smokers believe that nicotine replacement troublesome was harmful but actually FDA didn't mean that. FDA mean nicotine in traditional cigarette actually need to be replaced because it already mixes and combines with dangerous and harmful substances. So, they replace it to vape.

The public health expert has been called to make a clear statement for trusted the authorities regarding the nicotine to all smokers. Which is to help the society understand and know the real purpose of vaping. Vaping actually helps smokers to reduce smoking and quit smoking. It is also to reduce their health problem. To be clear, nicotine in vape or cigarette is not cause cancer but it causes addiction.

Some vape flavor contains nicotine and some of its free nicotine. That is a good thing about vape while all the cigarette contains nicotine and a lot of carcinogen substances which causes serious health disease.

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