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E-cigarette do not need nicotine to be toxic

E-cigarettes operate by heating a liquid that is flavored to create a mist that consumers inhale, or "vape." Manufacturers add nicotine to vapors that want their e-cigarettes to buzz. It is the same stimulant delivered by real cigarettes. That nicotine is a tobacco product.

Nicotine may be useful for adults who are addicted to cigarettes and want to stop themselves from smoking. But still, nicotine can harm children and teens. That is why some young people may choose to vape instead of smoke, and use nicotine-free products. But the new data suggest that e-cigs can still be toxic, even without nicotine.

"We understand these flavors are really appealing to teenagers," Irfan Rahman said while working at New York's Rochester University. He said studies have shown that interest in fruity and candy-flavored products is one of the primary reasons that many teenagers attempt e-cigarettes.

As a toxicologist, he studies whether different materials are capable of poisoning the cells or tissues of the body. His team decided to assess whether or not certain e-liquids that are flavored are toxic. Several popular e-liquid flavors such as cinnamon rolls, cotton sweets, melon, pineapple, coconut, and cherries were evaluated. Those flavorings are considered safe for food. It is because after a person swallows them, they’re broken down in the gut. But it does not mean these same chemicals are safe to breathe in. it could harm parts of the respiratory such as lungs.

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