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Electronic Cigarette(E-CIG) as an alternative way to help people stop smoking

Electronic cigarette (e-CIG) was first invented in China in 2003 and has become widely famous in other countries. The e-CIG is invented as an aid to help people to quit smoking. The usage of e-CIG claimed to implicate tobacco cigarette smoking and since there are no products of combustion and no tobacco toxins inhaled the odour and risk associated with tobacco smoke are eliminated. 
 As stated, not only that e-CIG comes in various amounts of nicotine and flavours, the base liquid also contains propylene glycol (PG) and/or glycerol, all of which are mainly found as additives in foods and personal care products.
Hence, the consumption of e-CIG vapours is said to cause less harm than the numerous amount of toxicants found in tobacco smoke. However, since there are some negative effects of inhalation of nicotine vapour or a mixture of flavours this supposition cannot be proven true. 
While the World Health Organization (WHO) has never denied the fact that e-CIG that could be useful as a smoking cessation aid, current research finds that e-CIG might also be not safe and not effective to reduce any nicotine-related withdrawal symptoms, such as nicotine replacement patches or gum.
However, stopping the production of e-CIG would force numbers of users who used to experience vaping to return to tobacco smoke. This might cause some taking these products off the market, However, this would force thousands of users, who positively experienced vaping to return to cigarette smoking.

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