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Famous TV shows Doctor Says Vaping Could Help Quit Smoking

Famous TV shows Doctor Says Vaping Could Help Quit Smoking

People always believe what the doctors say because they have medical knowledge on it and proof of any health problem. Dr Christian Jessen is a famous doctor or celebrity doctor that hosting on a television show of Embarrassing Bodies. He said that E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. People or society would believe what he said because it was cleared on a television. The famous television doctor justifies vaping is better than a traditional cigarette. E-cigarette is an electronic cigarette which has an electronic liquid for dripping.

"Embarrassing Bodies" is a documentary television show featured by doctors. The television shows are about treating patients with different embarrassing health problems. It started to be air at the beginning of 2008 until now. However, it possibly will continue to discover the excuses until it is completely recommended that vaping is not a protection net for smokers that try to quit smoking. Meanwhile, according to, Public Health England trust that vaping helped 20,000 individuals to quit smoking each year.

"We will be in danger of a serious public health issue that resulted from smoking habit among the society if the doctor doesn't start to encourage the smokers to start vaping," said Dr Christian Jessen on "Embarrassing Bodies" television show. Stated that vaping has helped 3.2 million vapers to reduce or quit smoking. In other hands, it also helps National Health Service (NHS) save billions in treating those with the smoking health problem.

Dr Christian Jessen advising his friends or society to support his campaign on promoting smokers to stop or reduce smoking and start to change vaping. Dr Christian Jessen clear that "It is time to give clear advice to smokers and help to solve the misinformation that they always face regarding vaping." People or society would believe if the info was live or aired because it must be the true or right information.

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