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The hat, the same striking yellow outfit and the same fantastic vibe – It’s Indiana Chubbs! Join this iconic adventurer, the swashbuckling flavor explorer on his quest to taste the most exotic flavors all around the world.

From Nile to Amazon, he has tasted all fantastic flavors. Now it’s time for you to taste ‘em all! Comes in 5 different flavors, Nile, Tribal, Spirit, Tropical, and Amazon are ready to gush your senses with complex yet delicious juices!

The combination of lemon, lime and a dash of Mojito is perfect to re-energised you back! Just like the Nile rapids, this juice gives you a major-flowing flavour to your palate, rendering you fantastically refreshed!


This golden combination of mango, pineapple and jackfruit grants you a rich and strong flavour, as if you’re roaming free in the wild with nature. Totally enticing and surprise your taste buds.


The tropical fusion of mango and orange balanced each other well. The sweet and husky mango balanced the sour and pulpy orange, leaving you satisfied in every puff. Definitely the best of both world!


The juicy, sweet and sour blackcurrant and grape are mixed with soursop, a fruit with unique flavour and has a delicate tropical fragrance with creamy profile. Totally a bliss that could awaken your inner Fantastic Spirit.


Not all fruits play well together but this one definitely blends to perfection! A unique flavour with crisp, tender, juicy and sprightly aromatic fragrance for your ultimate flavour experience.


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