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Hundred vape shops invaded by Police in Malaysia and many E-Liquid confiscated

Hundred vape shops invaded by Police in Malaysia and many E-Liquid confiscated

Hundreds of vape shops in Malaysia invaded by the police. It was on Monday. They confiscate all the e-liquid with nicotine. Not only the e-liquid with nicotine been confiscated, but they also confiscate the wholesale purchases records. The assault was conducted simultaneously. They begin their operation at 3:00 am.

Even though, the story not clear, it is said that the raid operation was carried out by the Southeast Asian country’s Pharmaceutical Services and free from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. All these info and details were from MOVE Malaysia which is an advocacy group. One of the members that gave the detail is a member of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (INNCO), Judy Gibson. Referring to Gibson, the operation was well implemented by the Pharmaceutical Services because they have done the raid together with police officers and seize the entire single vape shop.

The authorities also forced worker of the vape shop to give all the receipts of products and information about wholesale suppliers to them. MOVE has contacted the vape shop members and reported that they were invaded. Then, they believe next the government will raid the wholesaler.

There will be three agencies that will be responsible for regulating the vaping products. The e-liquid that contains nicotine will be under The Sale of Drugs Act and the Poisons Act, which is regulated by the Ministry of Health. This operation is not the first time for the Malaysian authorities done the mass invade on vape shops.

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