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Interesting and cruelty of Vaping

Interesting and cruelty of Vaping

There are good and bad of vaping. The FDA discovers a new alternative for smoker to quit or reduce smoking which is, vaping can help to reduce tobacco. The reality of vaping is to reduce smoking habit and save other people lives. This world loses millions of people every year because of smoking. We not only lose the smoker, but we also lose the secondhand smoker. So, we have to change the smoking habit to reduce the intake of tobacco.


Interesting of Vaping:


Cruelty of Vaping:

  • Still containing nicotine
  • Some devices can be complicated to use
  • Some device can be explosive if overuse or overcharge
  • Allergies
  • Few people are uncomfortable with vapor
  • Dry mouth for vapers and dehydrated
  • Still can lead to cancer or dangerous health condition


There is a good and bad side of vaping. So still, people or vaper must take a precautions step to avoid any critical or dangerous health condition. This alternative is only to help people to reduce or stop smoking. Aware with own health and make sure to have a frequent medical checkup.

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