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Is my E-Liquid Expired?

Is my E-Liquid Expired?

For now, there is no official expired date for e-liquid as it established. It is safe that the base life of the e-liquid of PG, VG, and Nicotine can last long for 1 to 2 years if it is stored correctly. There are many ways or factor to know the e-liquid expire. The e-liquid can expire quickly than others depending on the flavoring used and different e-liquid. Usually, the manufacturer or seller put a 1-year expiration date on all of their product as it is a general recommendation for the liquid to be safe.

There are many ways or precaution steps that help you to know if your e-liquid expired or spoil. Please be aware of the vape color and smell before vaping on any flavor or type of e-liquid.


Change in Colors of E-Liquid

Change in Colors of E-Liquid

If you see your e-liquid change colors a little it is not something weird. However, the user still can vape it safely. But if the e-liquid change its color drastically, you should be worry and know that your vape is already spoiled or expire. Strongly recommended that if a big change in color of your e-liquid, you should throw or dispose of it and it is not safe to vape it.

The factor of the e-liquid changes its color is because of a chemical reaction process which is known as oxidation. Nicotine is a very reactive substance, so there is no wonder the liquid changes its colors when it reacts with other ingredients, light, heat or air. The oxidation is a natural chemical reaction it is still safe when there is a slight change in the color of the e-liquid.

E-liquid Smell Funny or different

E-liquid Smell Funny or different

If you keep e-liquid about 1 to 2 years, one thing that you should make sure is the smell of the e-liquid. You already know and recognize the smell of the juice right after you buy it or vape it. But then, if you notice that there were a different smell or funny smell of your e-liquid so, you should dispose of it and not to vape it because it may be gone bad.


The solution of long last life of e-liquid

Store E-Liquid properly

Even though the e-liquid can expire, there also several steps or ways to keep your e-liquid properly. Store the e-liquid properly can keep the juice to be last longer than its shelf life. As we know that e-liquid is very expensive when you purchase different flavors and brands repeatedly. All vapers want to get the best brand and flavors of the e-liquid.


Avoid from exposing to Light and High Temperatures

Avoid from exposing to Light and High Temperatures

If you realize most of the company that produces and sells e-liquid used a tinted bottle to prevent the liquid exposed to light and heat. This way also to persevere a long last shelf life. So, other alternatives besides the tinted bottle, usually the seller or company keep or store it in the refrigerator. The reason they keep it in the refrigerator because it is the right spot to keep it cold and in a dark and dry place. The important thing that the user has to make sure it placed at a dry and cool place if it is not placed in the refrigerator.


Always Keep Your E-Liquids Sealed

Therefore, the other factor that can help the e-liquid to maintain long last shelf life is to avoid too much air exposed to e-liquid. This because when oxygen reacts with nicotine it will produce cotinine under the process of oxidation. Which the oxidation process will cause two hydrogen atoms to be a loss. This will be resulting the loss of nicotine in the e-liquid. By the way, it will be hard to avoid the oxygen to enter the bottle completely, but with proper storing will reduce it.

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