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The Author of E-Cig Forum, Oliver Kershaw

The Author of E-Cig Forum, Oliver Kershaw

First of all, it will start with the story of Oliver Kershaw. In the beginning, he wishes he could recollect the place that initially caught wind of e-cigarettes. He has been following different authors on damage decrease for quite a while, so it was most likely referenced by one of them or in the famous science press.

Regardless, he got his first e-cigarette in November 2007. He purchased it from a Chinese site and it needs in about seven days to receive; A maroon DSE 901 with a jug of Green Tea e-liquid and Oliver Kershaw was completely overwhelmed by it as a "proof of idea". It truly wasn't sufficient as a full substitution gadget, however, it made him wonder whether there were any better e-cigs out there or any other person was as inspired as he seemed to be.

When he looked on the web there was actually no talk in the English language. There were a couple of advertisers selling them at exceptionally high costs. Thus, Oliver Kershaw began E-Cigarette Forum to get to the base of things in December.

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