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The founder of Spinfuel Magazine: Julia Barnes

The founder of Spinfuel Magazine: Julia Barnes

Julia Hartley-Barnes as a survey’s editorial manager and writer for Spinfuel e-Magazine. She keeps on shooting stock photography and lives with her companion in Boston Massachusetts and Port Saint Lucie Florida. Julia has been vaping full time since January 2012. 

It will start from Julia Barnes is a person whose do not smoke at all. In her opinion, smoking was dependably a social thing, so she does not simply smoke. This is because normally the place has many smokers can found at clubs which is the most smokers there, next is the gatherings where smokers also were all over the place. Smoking goes very well with liquor for reasons unknown. In the event that she wasn't drinking due to she couldn't stand the taste or the smell of cigarettes.

During 2011, Julia Barnes met with John Manzione, at the same time, she saw that he was exchanging between the venture and research on electronic cigarettes. He requested that attempt one and to give him regarding her own idea and opinion. John Manzione shared a little dark battery (blu cigs) with a cartomizer joined and requested Julia Barnes to try it.

After trying, Julia Barnes find some information and decided the choices on what kind of vape she prefer after requested a starter kit device. Thus, she began with zero-nicotine, at that point moved to 12mg about a month later. At the point when John approached her to come to work for Spinfuel full time in April 2012, Julia Barnes accepted enough in the innovation, John, and his plan of action, so she decided to join the group.

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