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The Usage of E-cigarette Among Teens



E-cigarettes are very popular nowadays. The usage of e-cigarettes is very common among youth in the United States. This form of tobacco is very appealing to people from this age group because of their easy availability, attractive advertisements and the wide variety of e-liquid flavors. In addition, the belief that the usage of e-cigarettes is safer compared to traditional cigarettes is also one of the main reasons that make them appealing to this age group. 

Based on a study, students who began using e-cigarettes by grade 9 were more likely to start smoking cigarettes and other smokable tobacco products in the next year. In another research, these results are strongly supported as it is shown that high school students who used e-cigarettes last month were about seven times more likely to report smoking cigarettes when questioned around 6 months later than students who said they did not use e-cigarettes. Like the previous study, these results suggest that teens using e-cigarettes are at a greater risk of smoking cigarettes in the future.


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